Be Brighter— A vibrant and playful visual identity for a sports initiative based in Hong Kong.

Brand Design
Web Design
Art Direction
2D Animation
Brand Guidelines
Social Media Assets
Be Brighter is a vibrant and playful brand used to encourage young people to engage in various sports in Hong Kong, regardless of gender.

The brief was to develop a visual language to convey principles of inclusivity and the importance of sport as a counterpoint to extra-curricular activities, challenging cultural attitudes about its lack of relative importance in Hong Kong.

The key words discovered in the strategy workshop were Active, Vibrant, Inclusive, and Engaging, which set the tone and direction for the rebrand and digital design.

These were then conveyed through the development of the visual language, specifically in the choice of colour, typography, and tone of voice. The deliverables included a brand toolkit and digital design, both led and designed by myself.

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