A striking visual identity, informed by a meaningful strategy, will set you apart from the crowd. The process involves three simple steps: Immersion & Strategy, Creative Exploration, and Execution.

Immersion & strategy

No matter the scale of the company or complexity of the project, my process is always simple, personal, and collaborative, with clear business goals in mind.

Each branding project begins with an immersion and strategy session designed to discover and define the true values of a business, product or individual.

Creative exploration

Once the brand values have been discovered, a process of high-level creative exploration begins, through which we will elaborate and illuminate those values collaboratively to produce a meaningful and engaging visual identity.

Certain projects might call for the addition of 3D elements to help convey those values and to enhance the brand's credibility, enabling the business or individual to stand out in markets which are becoming increasingly saturated with high quality design.


The capability to deliver projects from conception to implementation means that none of the deep thinking, strategy and visual development work is lost in application.

The implementation phase of a branding project involves applying its visual language and tone of voice to multiple platforms, including responsive websites with content management systems, various forms of collateral, and social media.


Brand Strategy

Discovering and defining your brand values through an engaging and collaborative process.

Brand Identity

Conveying those brand values through a striking and meaningful visual language.

Art Direction

Setting the direction and tone for visuals in the project, including colour, form, and typography.

Web Design

Applying the brand across digital platforms without any aspects being lost in execution.

Web Development

Developing those brand-led designs into a website capable of including a content management system, e-commerce, and with a good understanding of SEO.

3D Illustration

Striking 3D illustrations that will capture an audience's attention, created as part of a branding project or individually for specific campaigns or other types of projects.

3D Animation

2D and 3D animations created to enhance a brand or for execution of existing projects and campaigns.

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