A striking visual identity, informed by a meaningful strategy, leads to greater visibility in increasingly-saturated sectors. Find out more about my process below.

Strategy & immersion

Each branding project begins with a strategy and immersion session in which we’ll take a deep dive into your company to discuss and define its business objectives, clarify its user needs, and signpost its creative aspirations.

This is a highly-collaborative process of discovery in which we’ll explore together the artistic and strategic direction of the brand.

Creative exploration

Next begins a phase of highly-divergent creative exploration, scaffolded by the findings of the strategy workshop.

The majority of the creative content for the brand is generated during this phase, including detailed exploration of the key components such as logo, typography, colour, visual language, and, if appropriate for the project, 3D illustrations, animation, and AI content.

Multiple routes are usually developed during this phase, enabling us to compare and contrast, dissect and analyse, push and discover ideas that might have previously remained elusive.

Refinement and roll-out

Refinement and Execution
The final phase of the branding process becomes once again highly collaborative as we begin to converge on the creative output, analysing and discussing feedback for its refinement and, if necessary, pursuing additional exploration.

Once the brand has been fully defined, it is then applied and executed in the form of web design, social media content, and any of the other key deliverables defined in the statement of work.

All of the assets for the project are provided and the visual identity is codified into a brand guidelines document, insuring future consistency of any additional work.